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X-Square Opportunistic Debt Fund

X Square Opportunistic Debt Fund, LLC (the “Fund”) is an organized Delaware limited liability company. The primary investment objective of the Fund is to generate attractive risk adjusted returns. X-Square will generally seek to achieve the Fund’s investment objective primarily by capitalizing on the dislocation of securities prices that can occur in and around a variety stressed and distressed municipal debt situations. The Fund may invest without limitation in (i) securities that are rated below investment grade or that are not rated at the time of purchase, including so-called “junk bonds,” preferred stock, subordinated debt, and trust preferred securities; (ii) commodities and commodity-related securities; (iii) securities denominated in foreign currencies; and (iv) derivative instruments, such as swaps, options, futures, calls and puts.

Although the Investment Adviser believes that the Fund’s investment program should mitigate the risk of loss, an investment in the Fund is nevertheless subject to loss, including possible loss of the entire amount invested. No guarantee or representation is made that the Fund will be successful, and the Fund’s investment results may vary substantially over time.

X-Square seeks to extract excess returns from credit markets through fundamental analysis. For more information regarding our Opportunistic Debt Fund please contact us at

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